Unmistakable Creative

congdenLisa Congdon is one of those rare artists who can really talk about her story, what she does, how she got where she is today. What people love about her, is her dedication to teaching others that having a career as an artist IS possible today without starving. In her book and in her classes, she demystifies the whole process. Business management, promotion, selling, licensing, time management, developing a thriving artist’s mind-set etc. etc.

After I hand in my work for the book I’m working on, I’m taking some time out for learning and making personal work. I’m excited to take some watercolour classes, and Lisa’s course Become a Working Artist. Check out the free preview video.

Last night while painting I listened to an interview with her on Unmistakable Creative called Learning to See Yourself as an Artist. She talks about how proclaiming yourself as an artist is one of the most difficult things to do. Because of the subjectivity of art, there’s a lot of insecurity and fear about the worth of your work. Is it good enough or professional enough that it can be a commodity. Even artists who have gone to art school, or artists that are already successful in the business, still experience this doubt. Like they’re an imposter or a fraud. She likens it to showing up at a party you’re not invited to. Asserting your identity as an artist she says, can be transformational and allows you to find your voice. Tackling any doubt will get you to a place where you can thrive as a professional artist.

There are over 400 podcasts on Unmistakable Creative with some pretty awesome guests and the interviewer is exceptionally curious. Check it out!