Yoga & Mindfulness Activity Deck, Easy-to-Use Flash Cards for Mindful Yoga Practice


Strawberry Snail collaborates with The Yoga Project!

Yoga & Mindfulness Activity Deck: Easy-to-use Flash Cards for Mindful Yoga Practice © The Yoga Project
Box set
47 full-colour cards | illustrated front and back | 5×7″
Laminated coating for heavy wear and tear
artwork © Strawberry Snail Illustrations

This deck includes over 40 cards with front and back how-to illustrations for each yoga pose. Read the prompts highlighted in yellow which are not just instructional, but details the benefits of taking your yoga practice from the mat, and into your daily life.


Cards are divided into categories by different-coloured banners: Balance, Strength, Backbend, Stretch, Chair, Breathe and Rest. We encourage you to try poses one by one or choose several from each grouping to explore a mindful connection between the body, mind and breath.

We realize that everyone comes to the mat with different stages of ability! That’s why there are two or more variations illustrated for each pose, with the front of the card being moderate and the back of the card illustrating beginner and intermediate.

The Yoga Project team is comprised of Ontario Certified Teachers, as well as experienced Yoga Teachers with kids/youth/teen + mindfulness specialization, who offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn and practice the foundations and elements of yoga + mindfulness. Passionate co-founders, Jessica and Vanessa, aim to normalize yoga and mindfulness in K-12 schools across Ontario, and empower the future leaders of tomorrow through these principles.

“Our aim is to transform the way schools view yoga and mindfulness and for them to recognize its importance as a tool for students’ well-being, emotional health, and holistic self-care. We believe that, through our programming, we are changing the way students learn while promoting and fostering mindful learning in resilient and confident children.”

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