Pink Elephant Organics

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook pages you’ll know that I’ve been working on a new collaboration with Pink Elephant Organics, doing illustrations for their organic clothing line. I thought it would be interesting, now that photos are being released of the final products, to share the process.

Pink Elephant approached me via my Etsy shop, which carries all my personal project work. Although Etsy sales are definitely not a big part of my small business, it’s been a great place to showcase what I do and in that way, has brought in a lot of commission-based work.

It turns out Pink Elephant and Strawberry Snail is a perfect match! First design—fairies.


Sketches for the Fairies pattern, for Pink Elephant Organics

Sketches for the Fairies pattern, for Pink Elephant Organics


Courtney, Creative Director and Head of Merchandise at Pink Elephant sends me her inspiration board, either in the form of Pinterest, or a collection of found images.  This is such a fast and easy way to get ideas across, and lets me know what she’s looking for in terms of colour, look and feel. When it’s a perfect client/illustrator match like this, it’s not too much work to figure out how to translate the inspiration into my own work.

Next, Courtney sends me the colour card for the line. Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.05.25 AM

Since I’m working in paint, not digital, I use these pantones to match the colour with my eye as close as possible. Later, the Pink Elephant design team will transfer my artwork into these exact pantones. This ensures a cohesive line, matching exactly with the rest of the delivery.

Since the concept is pretty much Strawberry Snail’s visual vocabulary, it was a joy to do. Once the sketches were approved, the fairies got quickly painted, BAM.










Katie, Head Designer and Manager of Operations at Pink elephant helped me make a pattern with these girls and a few months later, out came these adorable little pyjamas!



They will be available in footed, footless zip and two piece long john styles. And I wish they came in my size. Because I would totally work in them 🙂


Online store launches March 2017. They know you want the best for your kids. So with headquarters in Manhattan’s fashion district and factory in India, Pink Elephant Organics makes clothing your girls can feel good about wearing. 100% organic cotton, 100% pesticide and toxin free, 100% made by people who are treated fairly. Run by a grandfather (Sudhir, Founder) and a team of moms, Pink Elephant Organics knows that as a parent, you want high-quality, comfortable (and fashionable!) clothing for your kids.

Stay tuned for the next Pink Elephant/Strawberry Snail collaboration reveal, and a guest post on the Pink Elephant blog.