On the Desktop Today


Top to right to left:

Masking Fluid: have never tried this! No time like the present to experiement. This may improve spread 6 for the stars in the sky.

The River, by Alessandro Sanna: another wordless picture book other than Journey. I bought it to study his gorgous watercoloury skies.

Watercolour Landscapes Tips & Techniques by Richard Bolton, Geoff Kersey, Joe Francis Dowden & Janet Whittle: sometimes I wish I never got a BFA in painting. They would have scoffed at this kind of book, and this kind of painting which is why I’ve shied away from it for so long. As an illustrator though, it will be extrememly useful to learn this kind of skill.

Windsor & Newton Naples Yellow and Cerulean Blue watercolours: a small fortune but it should help me get some good skies.

Paper Bag: When I lived in Europe, art supplies and fresh eggs came in paper bags. I found a “real” art supply store in town that packages up your purchases like this and I love it.