Nerding Out on Art Supplies


Sometimes it’s easy at the end of the year to feel like we haven’t acomplished anything we set out to do. So I decided to put a positive spin on things by doing what I do best; making a list. Highlights of 2015 turned out to be not so bad! In one year, I changed jobs so I could spend more time illustrating, I started and finished my second picture book, made my first wedding invitations, made new personal work, had my new work professionally reproduced (finally), took part in several craft shows, made many commissions, took my business seriously by getting Quickbooks (!), started a third picture book contract, quit my day job, and… got engaged! I also got in the habit of writing my goals down and making lots of to-do lists to get me on the way to acheiving them.

Here are a few art supplies I acquired over the holidays that I’m really excited about!


A palette for my watercolours big enough to hold them all! And because I like lists, little labels to distinguish them.


These are Japanese KIRIN pencils from my mother in-law whose grandfather passed away recently. He had a box of of 12 of these boxes. I just love the package design.


I organized my pen nibs in this little metal container which held Teavana tea leaves.

The FW Acrylic Artist’s Ink is in Burnt Umber and I’m using it to outline the picture book I’m working on. It allows for so much more control than India Ink which bleeds too easily. The acrylic ink has a thicker viscosity so I have greater control over a thick or thin line.


The mechanical pencil in the front was a gift from my hubby which has a beautiful weight, nevermind it’s gorgeous design. The top metal part comes off and has four prongs on the end which you screw around the lead to sharpen it. Purchased from The Paper Place.

OMG, ok, are you ready? This box of pencils were also a gift from hubby. They are the most luxe pencils I have ever seen. On the box: “The Blackwing 602 pencil was favoured by many Oscar, Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winners thoughout the 20th century. After they were discontinued, fans began paying as much as $40 per pencil… Now, Blackwing is back for a new generation of artists, writers, musicians, and people who appreciate the craftsmanship of a well-made good.” They are a smooth Japanese graphite. Drooooool. Purchased from The Paper Place.


Happy New Year, folks. Wishing you lots of meaningful work, deep love, friends and family to carry you along, and the grace to be grateful every day. 🙂