Illustrator Yelena Bryksenkova

yelenaEvery morning before I start painting I go on Etsy to see what’s new. I like Pinterest too, but with Etsy you get to meet the artist as well as the work. This lady was a suggested pick for me which totally worked because I’m now in the process of deciding which one I want to buy!

Meet Yelena Bryksenkova. I think she came up on my feed because her work is also carried by Red Cap Cards who I follow, an awesome husband and wife duo who started out making their own cards but decided to represent a group of independent illustrators instead (including Jon Klassen!) to form some gorgeous card collections.

Yelena opened her shop in 2009, and it took off unexpectedly when she was featured on DESIGN SPONGE (!) in 2010. She graduated from a BFA in illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art and works in watercolour and gouache.

What I love about Yelena’s work is her interiors which take you right on the scene and make you feel at home. Gorgeous detail. But then something happens at the same time where they’re a bit un-easy. “The Breakdown” and “Sad Girl” are not pretty subjects, but they are so exquisitely painted – the patterns and lines –  that the juxtaposition of unease and beauty is both moving and compelling.

See for yourself! Have a good Monday friends,