Illustrator Qin Leng

qin-lengCanadian Children’s Book News just published an excellent article on Illustrator Qin Leng. She started her book illustration career only 4 years ago and has already illustrated more than a dozen books. Leng is busy! She works 9-5 Monday to Friday as a layout supervisor at 9 Story Animation, designing background animations for kids shows and when she comes home and on weekends she works on her own projects. “I need another me to do my day job”, she jokes. Though I don’t find that funny. It’s a reality we’re all well aware of.

I love Leng’s line work – and she talks about that in the article which she’s posted on her Tumblr page.

In other news, I visted the Belleville Public Library yesterday to talk to 80 kids! about my book Over by the Harbour. The kids were incredible and genuine and wanted me to know everything about them. How many teeth they’d lost etc. It was a bit inspiring for when I went back home to work on my second upcoming book.