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  • Thrush

    Gray-Cheeked Thrush

    The sweetest singer and known for its singing endurance, the gray-cheeked thrush is found in Alaska and Northern Canada. During the long days of…

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  • Robin.Lo-Res


      The wonderful thing about painting birds is the astonishing amount of variety to play with within the margins of beak, two wings and…

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  • NorthernParula

    Northern Parula

    Found in the eastern United States from north to south, the parula in the north nests in hanging tufts of Usnea, tree lichens commonly…

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  • My-Bird-

    My Bird (Unknown)

    A species of my own imagination when letting the mind wander while staying within the confines of classification Aves.…

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  • GuineaFowl

    Guinea Fowl

    Inspired by the Canadian author Iain Reid’s family pet Lucius, told in the book One Bird’s Choice. The one depicted here is a Helmeted…

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  • Emu


    Another ridiculous bird, the Emu (or perhaps this is a cross with an ostrich whose legs are knobbly-kneed and longer than the stout ones…

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  • Heron


    Of sorts. He is embellished with my own imagination but inspired by those long spindly graceful legs with interesting bends.…

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