Bullet The New Steam Engine

Bullet the New Steam Engine.test

Written by Dwayne LaFitte, Published by Flanker Press

The second collaboration with Dwayne and Flanker Press, Bullet is a historical fiction picture book taking place in pre-confederation Newfoundland and follows the railway which was in use for over 90 years. Dwayne and I share a passion for history and culture and the belief that itโ€™s important not to take your history for granted and to shareย these stories with others. We poured over hundreds of vintage photographs of Newfoundland. And for me, the most fun was getting the clothes rightโ€”down to the colours and fabric of the day. Also the sense of placeโ€”those clapboard station buildings, the scrubby trees in Gallants. You can purchase a signed copy in my shop, or shop via Chapters Indigo, Amazon, or Flanker Press, and select book stores.