Book Signing at the South Simcoe Arts Centre

blog postYesterday my sister and I went on a road trip to Alliston, taking the very long way down to escape the 401 and soak in the Fall, Ontario farmland scenery instead. The reason for our adventure was my book signing at the Gibson Cultural Centre! We got a huge kick out of driving through our hometown (it had been 15 years since I’d been back, and 20 for my sister).

There were a few awesome things about this event and in no particular order:

This was put together by The South Simcoe Arts Council, and they are such good people doing good things for artists – nurturing, inspiring and supporting them. Check them out if you’re an artist in the area!

The event was held at The Gibson Cultural Centre – a GORGEOUS old building converted from a CoOp. They have a stage room, a reception room and gallery, a gift shop full of artist-made things, and an upstairs with rental spaces for offices or classes.

I got to see a few paintings installed on the walls by Alice Forestell, my first artist mentor and teacher for many years (I later became her assistant in my early teens). She passed away in 2012 from MS. It was a bit emotional, especially as I had brought with me my portfolio case given to me by her when I left Tottenham 18 years ago. I looked at her work and realized just how much she’s inspired own. There was something in the essence of her watercolours that was so strangely similar to mine, it gave me chills.

Leaving you with a few pictures of the event. I’ll keep you posted of a Library visit in Belleville for Over by the Harbour in October!